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At C & C Automotive, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Augusta, GA, North Augusta, SC and Martinez, GA. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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C & C Automotive
You tried but after 3 months in the shop and many parts and tests the problem remains unsolved
C & C Automotive
This establishment will over charge you. Please shop around for the best quotes.
C & C Automotive
Aaron,I have trusted you with all my vehicles for over 10 years now. I have had good experiences in the past . However, this ironically has been a not so great experience. First the receptionist seemed rushed and snappy at me and I felt that my vehicle was being called a hunk of scrap iron. It is a farm vehicle and yes , it needs some work. I have a one thousand dollar budget for this vehicle and am now contemplating moving forward with your shop doing the future repairs. Second I was told by above mentioned receptionist that We really do not work on those kind of vehicles, our technicians have not seen these type of vehicles much. It is the most simple of designs. I simply do not have the time for the major repairs that need to be made therefore I prefer to hire professionals. Last when I start the truck when it has not been started within 24 hours It must have gas poured in carb to get the gas flow with the help of vacuum from the engine running. (that's my opinion) I called last week to report that the fuel pump had a very small leak at the suction side of the pump at the filter threads. I got no response and feel like I am being avoided and you do not wish to work on this vehicle. I would like to feel like you are willing to earn my business so that I can get this vehicle running safe and dependable along with my 2012 gmc 2500 van and Nissan Extera as needed. Ultimately the problem did not get fixed properly and I should not have to pour gasoline into carb to start every time after a 24 hour no run time.(it must be sucking vapor and getting a slight vapor lock). I look forward to hearing back from you and hope this does not end a long relationship with a well respected shop. If you can repair this properly I would like to make an appointment to see about the rear main seal being replaced and an entire fluid flush. Transmission,oil,coolant. David Brinson(706) 305- 8471
C & C Automotive
I came in for a Master Cylinder brake replacement.the Charge, 570$ plus 60$ for diagnosis.What i did:Paid the 60$, took my keys, went to auto zone, bought the part for 70$, went to youtube, spent 20 minuites removing my old Master Cylinder, And another 30 Bench Bleeding and installing it (learned all this off youtube)Bottom Line, saved 400$, I dont know who these guys think they are, but they are deffintly turning a profit. They will take advantage over you. The guy told me that my engine bay is too small to work in and that the labor charges will be higher.... he also said that the part was 270$.It took me less than an hour with nothing but a socket set and a crescent wrench. And 70$ for the part. Money talks
C & C Automotive
Horrible service. Used water to fill up coolants and fluids. Will not use again!
Showing 1121-1125 of 1130 reviews

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